Your one stop Beauty Shop – DRY & FLY

A few weeks back I was invited to check out the hottest new spot for all beauty matters.

Dry and Fly Review

Right in the heart of Dublin city centre and on the very busy Wicklow street a new One Stop Beauty Shop has opened to satisfy all our beauty needs.

From blow drys to makeup and nails this salon does it all with great elegance in an extremely well-designed space.


Gin and tonic with a blow dry

Dry and Fly is the name of the new salon and I got to explore it the very first day it opened.

It is the only salon that will offer you a refreshing Glendalough Gin and tonic or a pink prosecco and is the best way to start your weekend on a Friday afternoon.

The salon is designed in such a way that if you and your girlfriends go for a blow dry you can all be sitting next to each other talking without having big mirrors separating you and while sipping away on your G&Ts you can easily start to unwind from your day.

Dry and Fly just kassi

When you get to the salon you are given a Lookbook of hair styles to choose from and I went for a 70’s style inspired look.


To finish up the whole look you will have to treat yourself and get your make up done by one of the very experienced make up artists. As a beauty blogger I love getting my make up done, but I am always a little bit anxious on how it will look and if it will be my style. This time at Dry and Fly Jo who did my make up did exactly what I wanted. She understood my style right when she saw me and did an amazing job!

It was one of the best make up looks I ever had.

make up look at Dry and Fly

Dry and Fly look

{My make up}


No girl is ready without having her nails done, so on a different visit to Dry and Fly I got to get my nails done which even after two weeks are looking good.

Nails at Dry and Fly

Thank you so much Dry and Fly for having me in! I can’t wait to come back and get pampered.


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