What to wear to a summer wedding – Wedding guest dresses –

Summer is here, which means summer weddings are also here! Having my own wedding this September and also being invited to another wedding in a few weeks I know the pain of finding an outfit for a summer wedding.

The whole thing gets even more difficult when you are looking for a summer dress in Dublin to cater for a very hot climate. So you will probably have to look online. I have put together a few options of the most appropriate and on trend summer dresses that you are going to love.

Boho look

floral boho dress

Shop here by Needle and Thread


floral grey floral long dress floral white blue dress

Shop here by Revolve – Shop  here by Louisa Via Roma –  Shop here by Revolve


grey long dress

Shop here – by Assosblack frills

Shop here – By Ellie Saab


pink floral maxi dress

Shop here by Revolve

the must have summer dress

Shop here by Misguided


white lace dress

shop here – By Selfportrait


mini pink dress

Shop here By Revolve


Shop here by Revolve

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