How to make the most of your summer in Dublin

Ok so let’s start this post by pointing out the elephant in the room. There is no such thing as summer in Dublin! I would never identify a season as summer when you have to worry about wearing a jacket, carrying an umbrella, wearing long sleeve tops and long trousers and without having to blast the air condition on to protect yourself from a 45 degree heat wave that has hit the country.

So now that we have put that straight, we cannot deny that there are a few beautiful summer days in Dublin either during spring or summer time according to traditional seasons.

Botanical Gardens Dublin

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Being from Greece, summers were always about wearing long light dresses, enjoying the sun and spending most weekends on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. So as you can imagine, the first few years living in Ireland I missed my Greek summer a lot to the point that I was getting depressed and the only think I was thinking or talking about was the weather. Living in Ireland for more than 6 years now, I have learnt how to make the most of it without feeling depressed and I actually started to see all the lovely things that I can do during the Irish summer without worrying of being overheated or getting a sun stroke.

just kassi Romwe

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Here are a few tips to make the most out of your summer in Dublin:

When the sun is out you are also out

When we are blessed with the beautiful warm weather and sunny days, then you have to make the most of it. Plan ahead on a day out, have a pick-nick in one of the parks or even go to the beach or on a road trip. Never waste a sunny warm day in Ireland as you never know when the next one will come.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

This shoot took place on a very miserable rainy day at the end of April, however, the warm and tropical looking gardens made us think like we were in Florida. When the weather is not as it best visit places that will resemble summer and will give you a sense of warmth. That is the best way to treat yourself on a rainy day instead of staying indoors.

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Long walks/jogs by the beach

Summer is the best season to actually enjoy talking long walks or even take up running. The sense of being outdoors especially in summer when the days so long make us feel happier and more energetic. So ditch the sofa for a long power walk with your friends that will only make you feel better and help you build your beach body.

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Rooftop bars

There are a few rooftop bars in Dublin and if you didn’t know that, now is the time to find them out. Enjoy a few cocktails under the sun overlooking the Dublin skyline and you will forget all about the cold winters and windy morning starts.

White top and black and white trousers

Time to flirt

If you are single the best time to meet people is during summer, don’t be hesitant and afraid find that courage that you have inside and go speak to people the good old traditional way when you didn’t need a phone to get connected

Go to festivals

Last but not least summer in Dublin is the best time to enjoy your best music festivals. Even if the weather turns of the worst you will have the great memories to remember.

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 Tropical Dublin

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Photos by Katya Koliban

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