How to plan the perfect bachelorette abroad – My Lisbon Hen party Experience

“From my trip to Lisbon, I only got to take a few photos which I am sharing here but as it was my friend’s hen no personal photos can be shared. Also as I was mainly busy with the hen weekend I was not able to explore the city that well in order to build enough content for a travel guide”


{City centre Lisbon – Portugal}

All brides to be have it in their minds. Be it a quiet hen (bachelorette) party involving tea drinking and cupcakes with your mother in law, or a wild party travelling all the way to Las Vegas spending money in strippers, partying in clubs and getting to say the famous phrase “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” a hen party is meant to be an experience for the bride brought to her by her very close friends.

The good thing for the bride is that she doesn’t get to plan it; at least that’s what the tradition entails. This is the time for her to relax and get spoiled by her friends.

But what happens when the hen party is brought abroad turning into a hen weekend! That is when the planning and the organisation skills of your friends need to shine.

My Lisbon Hen party Experience


My first ever hen party weekend abroad happened this February in beautiful Lisbon. I was one for the 13 girls that joined the Hen group making it a weekend to remember for all of us. The location was pre-decided by the bride and her sister’s lead all the organising. It all went so smooth keeping a few elements of surprise for the bride.

The two days went by so fast and even if I didn’t know anyone else apart from the bride I got to meet some really interesting women and share great memories. We flew in with Aerlingus and there was pre-booked van picking us all up from the airport. Our hotel was very close to the city centre and we all got to share double rooms. The good thing was that dinners were already booked in advance so a type of itinerary was set for the weekend. All we had to figure out was where to go for drinks which that was something easy to do in Lisbon. Barrio Alto is the most famous part in Lisbon full of nice bars and this is where we headed. One of the nicest restaurants I visited there was Pharmacia and is definitely worth a visit.


My hen is coming up very soon and after attending such a successful weekend away here are a few things that I picked up and that you should all follow so your hen weekend away can be a success.

Lisbon February

{Lisbon – Portugal}

How to plan a hen weekend abroad


Pick the destination

It would be good for the bride to pick the destination. Lisbon was a very easy pick as it was south of Europe so good weather would be guaranteed, although it was February and the flights there are very affordable.

Pick your group

Every bride needs to pick her group. She needs to let the maid of honour, or whoever is responsible and will be organising it, of who will be attending. Picking the right group of people will play a major role on how the weekend away will go. It would be good to make sure that the personalities of your friends will work well together. Usually, everyone behaves at a hen weekend away but it is nice to keep it in mind.

Pick the date

You will need to pick a date that would be suitable for the majority of the people. In Greece, it is common for the hen to happen close to the wedding, but sometimes this is not always suitable. Think in advance how close you want to have it to your wedding and pick the best date. Usually, 3- 5 weeks in advance of your big day is enough so you can use it to build some momentum coming up to your wedding.

Set a budget

One thing that you have to think of is the budget. You will need to be accommodating and realistic when it comes to the budget. I am sure that you would love to indulge in a luxury room drinking champagne, but you will have to think of everyone’s budget and adjust it to the real expectations. Setting a budget for dinners and accommodation is the best thing to do keeping everyone satisfied and feeling at ease.

Lisbon Portugal

{Unfortunatelly we had rain at our visit in Lisbon but it was only for one day}

Bride knows best

You might want to surprise the bride but you will have to keep it real and know what she would like to do. Try not to guess but ask, this way you will find what she really wants to do avoiding any unpleasant reactions.

Give plenty of notice

It is always good to give plenty of notice to whoever is attending so they can plan holidays from work if required and transportation/accommodation if especially when the party is abroad.


There is no hen party without the appropriate props but you will have to consider cabin luggage allowance or checking in bags at the airport. Also, try to keep it reasonable as not all European countries celebrate hens the same way as Ireland or the UK. So do some research and try not to bring too much attention to yourselves.

Set an itinerary

As it will be a 2 day hen it is totally acceptable for people to do their own thing for a few hours if no one from the group is filling the same. Especially in a 13 people group like ours, everyone had their own desire of spending 48 hours in Lisbon. Having an itinerary and letting people know of what the activities are planned for the day allowing some free hours for everyone to do what they wish is always the best way around. You will definitely not be able to be a tourist so be prepare about that, but some basic sightseeing can be done for a few hours.


{Delicious breakfast at Mad Mary’s cafe }

If you have any questions on how to set your own hen party feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.

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