Coffee with Kassi series I – Meet Lorna Duffy, Fashion Boss – Video

This a project that I have been thinking for quite some time is now, and I am so excited to finally get to share it with you.

This new video series “Coffee with Kassi” will bring all the influential, talented and creative people that I have met while blogging and through our friendly chats I will try to find out what makes them shine and how they do what they do.

The series’ name “Coffee with Kassi” was purely because we were having coffee while making it, … well the truth really is that coffee for us Greeks and for the rest of the world I might add, is the connecting bond of every friendship and the beginning of every new relationship whatever its type. Coffee makes us relax and start talking.

My very first guest for this series start with an upper coming blogger and stylist, and very good friend of mine Lorna Duffy.

I hope you enjoy the very first video of my series that you subscribe on you YouTube channel here for more.

Enjoy watching!


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