The 3-day travel guide to Singapore

I have always wanted to go Asia. Somehow I believed that the first country I would visit would be Thailand, but I surprised myself when I decided that the first country I would step my foot on, from that side of the world, would be Singapore. My interest in Singapore grew a few years back when a good friend of mine moved there. When I started researching for this so popular destination, my mind was set, I had to visit.

Three days in Singapore might not be enough, but it will be just right to get a taste of the city and its unique culture. Singapore is a city full of contradictions, peacefully put together. Four different minorities live in harmony along with a high increasing business life bringing people from all over the world to do business there.

This three-day travel guide is here to show you all the highlights of the city, but If you could spend four days there, ย it will be much better as you can allow some time for your jet lag to ease off and see more sights without rushing.

Boat ride singapore

Singapore from above

{Singapore’s famous skyline – Marina Bay}

How to get there

If you are travelling from Europe get prepared for a long journey. We flew with Emirates to Dubai and then Dubai to Singapore. The journey was as smooth as it could be, apart from the jet lag but there are always ways to fight it which you can read here.


Singapore city

{You will never find traffic in Singapore}

Transportation in Singapore is very easy and taxis will be the easiest option from the airport to your hotel or Airbnb. The average price would be about 20 -30 euros dependingย on how far you go. As the weather is tropical and it can get very hot, people tend to use public transportation rather than walk. Opt in for a 2-day sightseeing bus tours so you can see as much as you can from the city without walking.


hot Singapore

{The back streets show that air conditioning is a must in hot Singapore}

Singaporeโ€™s weather is tropical and it can get very hot and humid so be prepared. We visited Singapore during the rainy season (Christmas) so the weather was cooler than usual, but it can still be as hot as 30 degrees Celsius. When you add on the humidity it can be a bit difficult to handle, so make sure you always carry with you a bottle of water and wear light clothes. It would be useful to have a light rain jacket as it can rain from one minute to the next.

What to see

Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay singapore

One of the main attractions of Singapore is the Gardens by the bay and one of my favourite places to visit. These man-made national gardens and the architecture of the Super-tree grove are not to be missed and the entry is free. However, be aware that there might be a lot of events going on when you are there and some of them might require a ticket, so plan your visit accordingly.

The Rooftop bars

{View from the Aura bar – Singapore’s national gallery}

Sky park pool

{Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Sky park pool}

Aura bar view

{View from the Aura bar}

Singapore has one of most beautiful skylines, skyscrapers mixed with tropical trees and traditional buildings. The best way to admire it is by sipping cocktails from one of its rooftops. While you are there make sure you visit the famous Marina bay sands hotel which looks like a boat. Go up on the 57th floor and enjoy a cocktail and some food the hotelโ€™s sky park bar and restaurant Ce la vi. Please note that there is a fee to the Skypark about 20 Singapore dollars, but if you choose to go to Ce La Vi then the ticket that you purchase can be redeemed for your drinks or coffee. ย Another beautiful bar to explore is the sky lounge of Aura bar.

The Lantern

{View from the rooftop bar of the Fullerton Hotel bay}ย 

Marina Bay

Get some time to walk around the Marina bay area and take photos of the amazing landscape. There are many bars, restaurants and hotels around there so you will find some time during the evening to enjoy the view.

The Botanical gardens

Botanical Gardens just kassi

Botanical gardens

There is always something going on at the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are full of interesting tropical nature and an Orchid park which is the main highlight of the gardens. As it was Christmas many locals were there for the day and there was a section of different trees decorated for Christmas.

Orchid garden

{The Orchid park has a rare selection of all the different types of orchids}


What to eat

Singapore is known for its street food. If you are a fun of the Asian cuisine, then you wonโ€™t be short of choice. You can try out a variety of street style food to choose and you can see more here.

Singapore down town

Money and costs

Singapore city centre

Singapore is an expensive place, and a night out for a quite drink can easily cost you 40 euros for 2 people. However, if you make the right choices and research beforehand of where you want to go and what you want to eat, you can easily find some nice spots.

Where to shop

I didnโ€™t do any shopping in Singapore as there was not enough time. However, Singapore has a lot of markets to see, with the main one being Orchard Road. You will also find many street markets in the culture neighborhoods of Little India, Chinatown and at the Muslim community.


One of the unique characteristics of Singapore is its 4 different minorities that live there. Chinese, Malay, Indian and other. It is amazing to see how peacefully these minorities live together and the amazing flavour that the city gets from this mix. The interesting part that you must explore are the different neighbourhoods that have been formed from these minorities showcasing their culture and food. Neighbourhoods like Little India, Chinatown and the Muslim community will have you travel in a space of a few blocks.


Chinatown market

Chinatown streets


Muslim neighborhood

Muslim neighborhood

Muslim neighborhood rurals

Muslim area markets

Singapore side streets

Little India

Little India

Singapore is such a diverse city and when you get there you have to experience it. From the fancy rooftop bars and expensive hotels to the street markets and the neighbourhoods. Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world and crime is almost non-existant.

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