The brogue shoes – Feat. Oxendales Ireland

What if my favourite period of the year has passed, what if the cooler autumn has arrived, what if the leafs turned yellow. This is nature telling us to start getting ready for the new beginnings that the new season will bring. Back to school, back to work, back to reality, back to making dreams come true!just kassi autumn

Autumn is meant to be full of action, and busy schedules. For me this means comfort. Dublin is a city that you can walk everywhere and although I love wearing nice sexy heels this is not always an option. Being active and productive requires the most comfortable you.

brogue shoes women

As Merlin Monroe said:

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”


So when trainers are not suitable and heels are not possible that’s when brogues shoes come in.  Comfy as they are flat, easy to walk on and stylish you can always rely on them. They might have been a man’s shoe but they now come in so many colours and textures now women can count on them for style an comfort.

Oxendales Ireland has now launched their AW collection which you can find here.

autumn outfit

{White Shirt by Pretty Little Things seen here }

details fall 2016

{Rings by Dyrberg & Kern also seen here

fall 2016

Brogue shoes

{Brogue shoes Oxendales}

Comfy shoeswhite shirt and jeans

white shirt PLT

Basics for autumn

Photos by Katya Koliban

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