How to be happy every day

There are days like today where everything is more electric, the casual conversations suddenly have a deeper meaning and what didn’t matter before has now taken a different turn to being more important and valuable.


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It is when these moments hit you, then you turn to yourself and start to actually see what is truly valuable and what really has meaning. Days like today don’t always come often, it is only when you get to stop for a minute and realise what is really in you, what you are made out of, what you are capable of. Only then you are able to find out how you can be happy.


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When you are happy you are suddenly not afraid, you are not worried and you are full of energy and capable of managing whatever life throws at you. You see things in your life in its true perspective and you end up being confident and more aware of your surroundings and others behavior.

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Open your senses, listen, pause, think and then react. Don’t let the daily frustration and hectic routine of your daily lives bring you down and turn your vision into a blur. You are not build to see life through a blurred glass, you are born to be the best you, the happiest you.

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There is no such thing as a guide to being happy, but realizing a few things in life might help.

  • You need to understand what makes you happy and do more of that
  • Your happiness depends on the way you thing
  • Surround yourself with positive and happy people
  • Money is not equal to happiness
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Be grateful for what you are capable of
  • Dream big

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For me, happiness is being able to be true to myself every day and be able to give to the people I have in my life. Last, working towards the future I want to have is what adds to me being happy.

Take a few minutes of your day and put a list down with everything that makes you happy, read it then I am sure you will smile.

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Photos by Katya Koliban

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