New Make up Airport service by MAC

If you have the travel bug in you, like myself, then you would find yourself in the airport more often than you would imagine. As you all know getting ready to catch a flight can be a stressful process, even if you have mastered the art of packing, or flown a hundred times before.  There is always something to worry about, like packing the right clothes, having your passport with you, or waking up on time for your flight.

Usually, what comes low to the list of your priorities before a flight, especially an early morning one, is putting make up on. The least of my worries especially when catching an early morning flight is doing my make-up. All I am worried about is to wake up on time and not sleep through my alarm. So when I pass through the security check, you will always find me putting a little bit of make up on by my favourite MAC counter.

MAC service airport{MAC at Dublin Airport – Terminal 1}

Eyes MAC


MAC in Dublin airport has now a new service for all of us who don’t have time to spare! Now you can book a 30 minute make up service before your flight. As soon as you go through the security check, your very skilled MAC make-up artist will be waiting for you to apply the look that you choose at the cost of 25 euros which you can redeem for any of your favourite MAC products. Either choosing from an Express Make up application or focusing on your features make up, (eyes, face or lips), the highly trained make-up artists, will have you ready for your flight.

Highlighter and eyeshadows MAC

Apart from the fact that this service is a time saver, the value of your appointment is fully redeemable against MAC products purchased at the appointment and of course at an airport price.

Not only that, but you are also getting to wait for your gate to open while being pampered. If this is not good enough then think that you are adding a bit of luxury to your life before you head to your holiday destination.

Kyms advice on eyeshadowsMAC eyeshadow

{Kym advising me on the eyeshadows that we are about to use}

Make up by KYM at MACMake up look purpleeyelinerMascara application MACJust Kassi make up

So this time travelling I booked my appointment with a few days before and Kym was waiting for me to doll me up before my flight. We chose to go with a strong eye with black liner and a more natural lip.

   Lipstick new collection MAC  MAC airport make up MAC brushes  MAC looks     Make up kit{The products we used for the look}

make up MAC justkassi    Trained make up artists MAC

{Thank you Kym!}

To book your appointment call DUBLIN TERMINAL 1  – Dublin (01) 944 6431, International: (003531) 9944 6431 or DUBLIN TERMINAL 2 – Dublin (01) 9944 0754, International (003531) 944 0754.

Don’t forget to Quote ‘Just Kassi’ when booking your service at M·A·C Dublin Airport to receive an extra treat at the end of your service. Quantities are limited and subject to availability.

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