Dresses.ie – Christmas Preview Fashion show

I know that Christmas seems very far at the moment but Fashion is always ahead from everyone else. So last week myself and bunch of lovely bloggers, were all invited at the Dresses.ie Breakfast Fashion Show to witness the amazing affordable but not disposable fashion. The alarms were set a little bit earlier than usual, but no one really complaint. The dresses, the style and the venue, all made up for the early start!

I Mei-Ling-Tong-Kassiani-Cheirogeorgou-and-Lorna-Duffy

{Photo credits Evoke.ie – myself Mei Ling Tong and Lorna Duffy}

The Meeting House, was the perfect venue for a show like this and stylist Holly White did an amazing job,  presenting, styling and leading the creative direction of the Christmas capsule collection

Event 1 {Bloggers in action!}event 6{The venue – Meeting house Dublin}

We were all treated to a very stylish and tasty breakfast and got to see all the behind the scenes, were models were getting ready. Holly White  was making sure that all outfits were as planned and Tara O’Farrell was in charge of the make up and Kevin from Tony and Guy in charge of the hair.

Breakfast at Meeting House{Exotic fruit & handmade scones}

Irish Breakfast at the Meeting house{Amazing Breakfast at The Meeting House

make up - behind the scenes{Behind the scenes – Tara O’Farrel}event 5{Behind the scenes – Kevin from Tony & Guy}

We also got to feel and see first hand all the dresses. One thing that really stood out was the great quality of these dresses as well as the eco – friendly leather used for the pieces.  At a price ranging from €40 to €150 every girl can be rest assured that she will find the perfect outfit for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Collection 1Christmas Collection 2

Dresses.ie relaunched recently their website as well as their collection and you can see the deep appreciation for design, quality and attention to detail. Each unique piece offers a twist on the classic Christmas dress, and reflects the ethos of the  brand which is #SweetSexyCool .

IMG_6529 {Me and Holly White}


{photo credits: Evoke.ie }

Strong themes that carry through the collection include colour-blocking, with bold primary colours and strong embellishments such as intricate beading, punctuated by delicately sexy lace work and tough-chic leather pieces.

event 2 event 4 event 3


{photo credits : Tara – Makeup}

Christmas Collection 4

After such a fashion show, all I want is Christmas to come early!

JustKassi xx

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