Blogger of the week: Glitz n’ Pieces

Exciting news!

I am the blogger of the week for the online accessories shop called: Glitz n’  Pieces where you will find very stylish and summery accessories  that will set you straight for summer.

Blogger of the week

I have partnered up with Glitz n’  Pieces for this week to give you the opportunity to get a 10% off your purchases when you use the code:  MAKEUPARTISTASBYKASSI on the check out!

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And for those of you who missed my Interview with Glitz n’  Pieces you can read it here: and below:

When did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog 3 years ago this month! My blog is actually turning three and I am so happy to be featured as your blogger of the week. I had initially started blogging back in 2007 under a different name, but life got in the way and I stopped. When I moved to Ireland almost 4 years ago I was amazed by how passionate Irish women are about their make up and style and all this woke up my own passion for fashion and make up. I just had to write about it, and haven’t stopped since. You will find me reporting on different trends, styles, favourite products and make up looks. Anything that will make you pretty.

What is your motivation to write and keep your blog going? 

My motivation comes from every day life style and love for fashion and make up, and I love when I get to introduce new products, looks and style for my readers and followers. I get a huge satisfaction when I see that they like the things I post and even try the products I recommend. It makes me very happy and gives a huge satisfaction to carry on blogging.

Who is your style icon?: 

I wouldn’t say that I have one style icon. I get inspired by many other different bloggers, people on the street, friends, and the weather is really what determines my style.

Who is your favorite Irish Celeb: 

I am not big into the Irish celebrity scene, but I have to mention Colin Farrell, who I actually have seen face to face a few months ago when he was shooting right in-front of my flat for the whole day!!! How lucky was I!??

Do you have an idol that you look up to?: 

I look up to many people, I look up to my parents, friends, and all female entrepreneurs that manage to have a family but at the same time a successful business.  I look up to people that have managed to live their dreams and people that trying to get there.  Everyone around us is inspiration and should motivate us to reach our goals.

What is your favorite topic to discuss on your blog?:

I don’t really have a favourite topic, as they are all my favourites. I love working on style shoots and collaborating with brands and I love doing make up videos, although I haven’t done many.

Any fun random facts about yourself that youâ’d like to share?:

Not really a fun part but a lovely memory form my childhood. I used to camp on the beach a lot during summer in Greece with my friends and my favourite part was when we slept with our sleeping bags out in the open and count the stars on a clear night.

Where did you first hear about Glitz n’ Pieces?:

Through other bloggers

What is you favorite piece from Glitz n’ Pieces collection at the moment?

I love the indie flash tattoos! I can’t wait to try them out this smmmer. I need to get a nice tan first!

What would you like to see Glitz n’ Pieces launch next?: More summer shorts and why not flip flops!

Would you be interested in hosting a blogger and Glitz N Pieces party night for all the girls?:  Yes! I would really love too!

Any advice you would give to anyone thinking of starting a blog?: Be passionate of what you choose to do and you need to put in the effort so you have to really love what you are doing!

Your Twitter: @Kassiani_cheir


Instagram: @justkassi 

JustKassi xx

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Έχω νέα!!!!

Είμαι η blogger της εβδομάδας για το online accessories shop: Glitz n’  Pieces!

Συνεργάστηκα μαζί τους και για αυτή την εβδομάδα και σας προσφέρουμε 10% έκπτωση σε όλες τις αγορές σας όταν χρησιμοποιήσετε το κωδικό: MAKEUPARTISTASBYKASSI στο check out.

Το Glitz n’  Pieces έχει φανταστικά αξεσουάρ και ρούχα που σας ετοιμάζουν για το καλοκαίρι οπότε να ρίξετε μια ματιά! Κι αν χάσατε τη συνεντευξή μου με το Glitz n’  Pieces  μπορείτε να τη δείτε εδώ.

JustKassi xx

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