An interview with Amanda Svart

A few weeks back I discovered the very talented and upper coming designer Amanda Svart. Her unique and statement kimonos was what captured my interest and I immediately wanted to know more about her, what inspires, how she things and what makes her tick, so this little interview took place.

Where do you get your inspiration? The sources of inspiration have been varied and I like to draw inspiration from anything that I encounter, from nature to architecture and indigenous cultures.


How long does it usually take you to come up with the theme of your collection?   I am fascinated by how the research process takes on a life and direction of its own often producing an outcome quite different from the original spark. To find that first entry point with something that intrigues me usually doesn’t take that long as I constantly take not of interesting things. The entire process to crystallized concept, however, can be quite lengthy, depending on the deadline of course.


How did you feel the first time you saw your design on the catwalk?                  Very happy and excited, at the same time relieved that everything had come together on time. However, I was backstage as the collection went out helping to dress the models so it was still quite hectic up till the last minute.


When did you first realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?                From an early interest, I made the decision in 2008 when I came to London and just found people here very exciting and creative. I took various courses in related subjects and felt that devoting my career to creating clothes would keep me happy through life.


You have graduated from University of Westminster recently, now that you have completed the course how ready do you feel for the fashion world, and looking back was it the right decision taking this course? At University of Westminster there is only one class of up to 40 students in each year which means you have a lot of resources at hand and a lot of help and focus from the faculty. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study there and I encourage everyone who is interested in studying fashion design to attend Westminster Fashion Open House to learn more about the education they offer. The three year course and the sandwich year in industry really prepares you to start working and continue to learn on the job upon graduation. However, I will be starting at Royal College of Art MA Fashion Womenswear this autumn and look very much forward to this.

Amanda Svart

Do you consider your clothes easy to wear?                                                            The graduate collection was designed primarily with the purpose to go on a runway. It is likely that the designs would have been made slightly less extravagant if the main purpose was to sell in retail. Having said this, a lot of the items, worn individually, are very wearable indeed and people are welcome to order them by contacting:  [email protected].

Amanda Swart

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?  Isabel Lucas is feminine, confident and elegant at the same time. I would love for her to wear pieces of my collection.

What would be the 3 words that would describe you the most? Happy, Curious, Active. 

You can find Amanda on: @amandasvart  &


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