My Vogue Festival experience

It has only been 2 weekends ago that I was in London visiting my first Vogue Festival and it seems like the memories of a previous life already! Life has been going so fast the past couple of weeks hitting me from different directions, and taking me through some realization tests a few times, but this is a different topic that I won’t dwell upon at this time.

So where were we at… oh yes! My first Vogue Festival Experience! Well from where should I start…. from the fact that I had to visit my long loved city of London, …. from the fact that I had to witness Alexandra Shulman, the very well known UK Vogue editor interview Valentino Garavani, or the fact that I had to spend hours in a place packed with fashion and so many excited girls like myself and get to share my passion about this fashion world that some cannot understand what fuss is about… I guess you have all got a picture of my day!  F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! !

So the day started with a nice walk and a bit of coffee close to the Tower Bridge and Borough market for a quick lunch and then straight to the Southbank Centre for the Festival.

coffee before VF

 {coffee on the way to the Vogue Festival}

The closer I got to the festival the more I could sense the fashionable air and especially when Karlie Kloss posed right at the entrance with her coolest little outfit, I knew that I just belonged there!

vogue festival London

  {Vogue Festival – 29 March 2014 – London}karlie kloss Vogue Festival{Karlie Kloss looking fantastic as always]

Walking in the place was filled with elegant fashionable girls queuing to get pampered up to the most fashionable spring trends for nails, hair and make up.


{all the fashionistas queue up}

Vogue festival covers

{Admiring The wall of Vogue}

The style{Stylish people left right and center!}

People's style{Fashionable people}

Valentino Garavani{Valentino Garavani – The interview}

social media me

{Catching up with all my social media between shows}

manolo blahnik

{Manolo Blahnik singing his book}

There was so much to take in just one day, and I have to say that I was at my most happiest. I hope you managed to get a bit of the flair that went on that day!


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Just Kassi xx

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