Sun Kissed look explained

Good morning everyone, happy Monday and hope you all have a great week ahead. I love when my precious followers ask for more details on one of my blog posts / looks and this time I was asked to give more details and tips on the sun kissed look that you all so enjoyed.

BeFunky_DSC_0048 sunkissed explained

The steps to do this look are easy because you are already basing it to your tanned complexion, but here are the details….

1. Moisturize  – The first step is to have a well moisturized face, and around the eyes area. A well moisturized face means that the products will be easier to apply and give a smooth effect. collage beauty products

{My moisturizing products at the moment}

2. Foundation & Concealer – The secret to this look is the foundation. For the summer months that our skin goes a bit darker I would advise to invest in a darker shade than the one you use for winter time, it just makes things a lot easier and you don’t have to be blending it with your bronzer to match the colour. Although, if owning two products is too much to ask, then your bronzer will have to work a bit harder to avoid that white ash look. For this look I went for the Mac Face and Body NC3. Make sure you use a round brush to blend it in well and start from the nose area where the redness is usually gathered.

For the concealer the only thing that you have to pay attention to is not to go too light. Blend well with a brush, step back and check, is there a big contrast to the foundation, if yes blend again.


{Mac Face and Body}

3. Bronzer – Bronzer is the hidden ace on your sleeve for this look. For my sun kissed look I used No7 Dual Bronzer. From the very start of my make up career I tend to use dual bronzers, I just feel that I have more of a choice and I don’t need to carry many products with me. Depending on your complexion blend the two or just use the most appropriate shade. Remember the no3 trick. Shape No3 on your face starting from your cheeks going up to your forehead and the going down to your cheeks again and last to your chin, with gentle strokes. The result should be subtle and natural.

 dual bronzer{No7 Dual Bronzer}

If you get these top 3 steps right then the rest is easy. For the blusher I went for a natural healthy pink colour and the same for the lipstick. Your eye shadow should be of a natural beige colour reflecting your skins natural shade. Finish up with black mascara.

An easy look for all times – you don’t need expensive products or hundreds of brushes to have a look that will make you feel confident and yourself.

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