Fashionable Skulls – Can it really be?

They have been around us for almost a year. They come in different colours, sizes, and they can work really well as an accessory and I actually own a few. All the talk is about skulls! They don’t have to be scary and they can be a lot of fun and certainly a nice way to be a bit more rock and roll but keeping in the class.

And who is really behind all this mad skull trend? It could be none other than the house of Alexander McQueen. His latest collections of scarfs, accessories and jewelery has celebrated the skull in such a way that it turned to be a must-have even for a very classic look.

You can quench all your fashion thirst for this trend, there are so many piece to chose form, clothing, clutches, jewelry, all there to satisfy your needs.


{Even the most classic of you would easily where some of these pieces including the famous skull bracelet by Alexander McQueen}

As a great trend follower and an aspirational fashionista my skull collection has started to grow by the day, and I have a piece for every occasion!




Keep collecting these are a few fun pieces that will rock your wardrobe up!

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