Previously loved clothes

I am sure that the following will all sound familiar to you…

  1. You bought an outfit that you absolutely adored, wore it a few times in all different occasions, and now all your social circles have seen you wearing it – and your favourite outfit is hanging sad at the end of your wardrobe waiting to be given the love it deserves.
  2. You were given a gift from a friend that you weren’t very font of but you wore it a few times because you had to… but now you just can’t wear it any more
  3. You bought an outfit for a certain occasion (business) and you have only worn it once!
  4. You bought an outfit for a certain occasion/event but you never attend and this outfit still has its retail tag on!

Well all the above are me!
So how about getting involved in a “rail sale” like I have today!
Your unwanted clothes could be someone’s gem!





Come and have a look at the Morgan hotel in Dublin
See you there!

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