So cold but so beautiful – Stockholm

I hope you all had a nice and long Easter Break. Mine found me in cold but yet beautiful Stockholm. I have to say that I would have much better enjoyed if it was summer but still we managed to get a lot of beautiful sun that is well missed.

Some interesting photos of life and the great views.

BeFunky_DSCN3028.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3051.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3077.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3088.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3125.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3137.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3138.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3142.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3152.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3153.jpg

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