Bring the sunshine back

It has benn so miserable these past few days! I really can’t remember when was the last time I saw the sun! I feel like my hole body and soul are lacking vitamin D. No motivation or energy… Sun please shine on us. No more rain!

Just to boost my morale and turn against this horrible and grey weather I went for a deep sea blue to remind me of my favourite summer sea.

As you see even if you decide to do one colour to your nails you still need all these little bottles. You just have to do it right!

Here I have used Seventeen 492, one of my favourite colours especially when the calendar shows spring. This colour is one source of sunshine and will be putting a smile one my face!
All we need now is to accessorise those little fingers and we are ready for the sun and spring!


Let it be spring soon so I don’t have to wear my gloves and get to show off all this colour!

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