Oscar’s Make up

Just about when the Oscar’s fairy dust is starting to settle down and all the winners and nominees are starting to grasp the idea of their golden statue in the collections, we the everyday bloggers feel the need to praise our favourite appearances of the night!

The dresses were many, the make up glamorous, the ceremony like a dream that I would love to live in person somehow, sometime, in the future.

All I can do at the moment is share with you my favourite of all.

1. My number one for this years Oscar”s was surely Jessica Chastain. Her very classic red lipstick and black eyeliner really complimented her choice of dress. Very subtle and truly elegant. I have to say she gets it right two times in a row. (Oscars 2012)


2.  My number too has to be Charlize Theron. This woman’s face is like the perfect canvas! Whatever she does with her hair or make up she will always look the part! Her choice of this white gown was so gracefully complimented by her choice of subtle lips and fresh glowing foundation.


3. Jenifer Lawrence also went for subtle lips and a very soft and smokey eye with a silver grey effect finishing it of with a few fake eyelashes. This would be my favourite execution of a smokey eye.


4. Amanda Seyfried choice of a lavender smokey eyes and practically no lipstick, truly accentuated her look giving good balance to her appearance. A very fresh and elegant touch which I loved.


The Oscar’s and Hollywood elegance always stays true to itself never, with now exaggeration or overstatements. Subtle, elegant and very feminine make up always is the winner.

Here are a few looks that I found overstated and not at all effortless.

Although I find her a very talented Fashion Police presenter, this time I have to say her make up was not something that really pleased me. Her long eyelashes  and the choice of earthy tones of brown and red just didn’t work well.


Another no no was Kelly Osborne from Fashion Police. Her very eccentric style, which I sometimes adore, this time was not interpreted well in her choice of lipstick and her purple hair. Maybe next year.  I have to say though that I really enjoyed watching her co-presenting the Fashion police live from the red carpet.


Last but not least, Kirsten Stewart. Not because her look was not nice, but because I am tired of seeing her with the same style of hair and make up. I would have loved to see her hair differently and with a more vibrant fresher look that will make her up bright up.


I would love to know your favourite looks on these Academy Awards and your opinion.

{These photos do not belong to me - the majority of them are from Getty images and the web}

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