Let the truth shine – Aveda

While having started this blog I have been sharing all my insights about beauty, make up, fashion and style and I feel the need to be true to all of you my faithful readers about everything I write.
So this post is to set things straight about my new addition to my beauty regime that I wrote about here.
Aveda tourmaline
{Only for very dry skin, not to be used on normal to dry skin}
My Aveda tourmaline day face cream that I was writing about didn’t leave me that happy at then end. After using it for 11 days it made my skin broke out into, not so attractive spots!  The reason was that in the end this cream was too heavy for my skin and even thought the cold weather it was still too rich for my skin. Sometimes it is down to trial and error.
I went back to Aveda and I replaced it with a much lighter moistoirising lotion wich smells absolutely lovely as it have extracts of camomile and jojoba. Let’s hope that this times it wont be a trial and error case!
Here is what I replaced it with.
aveda lotion
{A lighter hydrating lotion by Aveda with camomile and jojoba}
My learnings:
My trial and error experience, proved, at least for my skin, that when it’s very cold it is much better to replace the hydration that the skin looses, with a high hydrating face mask, rather than a richer moisturiser.
Someone has to take one for the team and this time it was me!

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