Beauty is in the eyes

Following my recent quest to good valuable and effective beauty products, I spend a few hours this weekend in researching and searching for a nice natural and effective anti – aging eye cream.

And my winner is Rituals a natural brand with “….a passion to transform everyday routines into magnificent rituals” as their brand proposition.


I decided to go for their natural Line Defense eye lotion, I have used it for a couple of days now at night time and immediately it gives you a very fresh sensation, that can be very refreshing after a long day. I also liked its light and fluid texture (lotion) it is not as rich (thick) as the strong anti aging eye creams.

I know that I am hitting that decade where one should be more aware of these signs (lines) but this nice eye lotion doesn’t make me feel that old! Price wise, it is always in my range, as I say not to flashy not too cheap, and at the price of 24 Euros it seems ok for what it does. I would therefore recommended.


I would love to here if you have used this eye lotion before and what you thought of it.

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