My beauty products

Have a good month everyone, one more month and the cold winter is going to wave us goodbye. I though to start this month by letting you have a small sneak peek to my everyday beauty routine. It’s all down to sharing knowledge!

As a make up fanatic, I am very aware that a flawless make up means a flawless skin and I have managed to achieve this to a good extent with a lot of care. How do I it.?

Here are my beauty secrets – not too flashy not to cheap – just right for me.


Day Time

I  have just bought a new moisturiser by Aveda for more info click here.

Aveda tourmaline

This moisturiser can be used for day or night, and is targeted for very dry skin. Although, my skin is normal and not at all dry, this moisturiser is just right for me during this very cold winter. This is a tip that you should all have in mind. When living in a cold climate go for a richer moisturiser, that will help and south your skin during the cold winter months. When the weather get’s a bit warmer I will switch to a more fluid moisturiser. I usually go for La Roche Posay Hydrean.


For my eyes at the moment I am using a gentle moisturiser by Lancôme

lancome zen

I have been using this cream for a while now, and I have to say that I am quite happy with it, it is very refreshing to my eyes as it works as an anti-fatigue, something that we all need for our tired computer eyes. Although, I haven’t had any issues with it,  I am thinking of changing it and to an anti – aging one as those fine lines have started to appear…not a look that I like.

Night Care

No7 cream

I have been using the No7 night cream for a while now, I bought it being a bit sceptical, but I have to say I haven’t had any issues with it and it has a very light texture that makes my skin feel very radiant and fresh in the morning. I would definitely recommended for those times that you don’t want to spent that much.

Face mask

Last but no least my Skin Calming Mask by Clinique


I had this mask for a while now, and I have to say that I am not using it as often as I should. It is a lovely mask giving a calming and southing feeling to your skin especially if it has been irritated. This mask has now been discontinued by Clinique, so I should make it last as long as possible and look for a good alternative. Suggestion always welcomed.

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