Nails – all time clasic

I know that the huge trend at the moment are funky, glittery, dark nails with lots of accessories on them, but as I have just mention this is only a trend, which we probably all have followed, I’m a huge victim myself!

Although when it comes to an all-time favourite and all-time classic look no one, and I am sure no one, would have say no the most elegant colour for our lovely finger tips, and this is red! From the 1930 till now this has been one of the most beautiful and elegant colours for women’s nails so I believe red nails are entitled to their own blog post!

Red nails can be worn anywhere and even at work, hence the photos (by my black keyboard). Don’t feel that it is only a party colour, when worn appropriately it shows confidence. After all women that take care of themselves show that can manage their personal time and split it between family work and looking after their appearance. Just don’t do your nails at work!


{ Red nail varnish by H&M Coral RoseBeFunky_DSCN1632 DSCN1625{Red nails against a black keyboard always look elegant}




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