Miami Accessories

Happy new year everyone I hope you all had a nice time during your holidays.

I know that I have been off blogging for a week, but we all deserve a nice break once in a while. I have been spending my Christmas holidays in sunny Miami and I have to say that these are my first Christmas holidays where I got to wear a bikini!

Strolling down Miami beach and particularly on Lincoln Rd I bumped on a beautiful stool with lovely accessories, and I certainly had to stop to have a look. The Artsy Nomad had some lovely accessories to accommodate all tastes and I have to say that I was very pleased with my purchase.

{The Artsy Nomad}

Here is what is what I got,


The black stoned bracelet is the one and it goes really well with my watch. I am so happy! Apparently I was told that the tree symbolises eternity.


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