Who would have thought that I would be posting about golden accessories!

A few years ago I wouldn’t even dream of owning something gold, I thought that gold was just not for me and that gold could be too serious!

In the past 3-4 years though I have been a true converter, my silver and beaded accessories have given their place to my cutest and sweetest gold moments. I do switch back to my old habits though.. as a girl would do.

I am sure that if you were not in love with gold you will immediately fall once you lay your eyes on these.

{Gold is after all only a colour}

{Golden snake neck less that can be also worn as a bracelet – bought on my summer holidays}

{Matte gold leaf earrings}

{My new golden addition – Michael Kors}

{Rose gold and yellow gold – both presents from two good friends of mine}

You know who you are 😉

(Joanna Cave designed earrings}

(a lovely gift from a lovely friend)

{Golden rings for golden fingers by Topshop}

Goodnight my precious golden friends!

May you have lots of golden dreams! 🙂 I am off to my dreamland!

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