Pppprrrr … Animal Print for day time

I don’t know about you….. but I absolutely adore animal print! It is something that I would probably never consider a few years ago, but I have to say this year it is all about animal print.

The secret of course is knowing how to wear it and what type of clothing looks best on animal print.
In my opinion you have to treat animal print if like it was a single colour, ie black or brown, knowing that your life is immediately a lot easier 🙂

I have put together here a few ideas on how to wear animal print for day time, going shopping, or to the office, going for a coffee with your friends etc.

Animal Print for day time

{Animal print for day time}
My animal print contribution to my wardrobe this autumn was a pair of loafers which I purchased from Clarks. 
{I love them! They wake up my inner tiger!}
Kassi x

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