Tall Ships

Dublin has been so pleasant for the past few days, the weather has been relatively warm and apart from that, some really beautiful tall ships visited, and we all felt a bit like “The pirates of the Caribbean”.

What would have been then the most appropriate look for a day like that?? … What else, the sailor look, with some bright and happy eye make up.

{The river was so busy – what a great vibe}

{Bright make up for a happy day}

To create this look I used  as an eyeshadow base MAC Pink Freeze, and then with an angled brush I applied  MAC Creme de Violet, and finished it off with a  light blue eye pencil from Sephora: Rainbow Priorities No514. I love to use blue mascara when wearing this look, it makes it a lot more interesting and adds this fun element to it.

For the lips I used Lipstick: Korres Rose 22,

For the cheeks I used Blusher form CrownBrushes

{A sailor styled top with white jean trousers – the look for a “Tall Ship” day}

{My new lovely bag}

I hope you all enjoyed!


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