Beach accessories

Beach accessories – be a Beach Queen!

I know I had promised to keep you all more up to date but when you are in a holiday mood and wifi or 3G are hard to find you have the best excuse to relax and enjoy after all life is a beach! 😉

While on my holidays i spend a long time at the beach, wearing my bikini and a small summer dress, this doesn’t really mean that you can’t wear accessories and feel more fashionable.

Try to wear non valuables accessories that are not affected by the sea salt or sun. See below what I went for.

{Being beach fashionable at Agistros beach in Skiathos}

and as we all have our lovely feet out – wearing sandals and summer flip flops why not accesoiries them to and make them feel happy and in style

{Enjoying my Freddo Cappuccino – putting my feet up in a cafe in Skiathos}

Enjoy the rest of you holidays till the sun in shining hot 😉


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