DIY Body Sugar Scrub

Body Scrub

This is a lovely recipe for a home made body scrub given to me by a really good friend of mine (thank you Dimitra)

All you need is really three ingredient and all your love and care:

  1. Brown sugar
  2. Almond oil
  3. Essential oil
and the recipe goes like this.
Step 1:
Pour 100 ml of Sweet Almond oil into a bowl so you can have space to work.
Step 2:
Add brown sugar – you can measure it with your eye, you need to add as much brown sugar so the mixture it is not runny nor thick .
Step 3:

Mix the two ingredients well with your hand till they look like the photo below:
Step 4:
Now its the time to add your essential oil, you can use any type of essential oil.
I  chose to use Grapefruit which is good for cellulite and keeping your skin nice and tight. You can always go for levander oil perfect for relaxation after a hard working day. You can add from 5 to 10 drops.

And your body scrub is ready!
You can pour it in a spare jar and enjoy the feeling that your skin will have after using it.
Enjoy! x

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