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My readers have recently been very proactive asking me a lot of interesting questions about make up, tools, techniques which is making me extremely happy. You know that is always my pleasure to answer them so please feel free to ask either on my facebook page or here on the blog.

This time the question was about eye shadows creasing. How do we make the eyeshadow last longer and how do we prevent the eye shadow to crease?? All these will be answered below.

Eye shadow creasing after wearing it for 5 hours

I have a few good tips on this one so get ready.

The factors that lead to having the creasing result can vary – starting from the quality of the eye shadow, the skin texture, the weather and even the climate. So don’t blame your skin as you would usually do.

So what can we do to prevent this from happening. Many of you make up geeks would say primer, and this answer is correct! I have to say though that the eye primer is different to the one used for the face. The one we use for the whole face can be a bit heavy and rich for the sensitive and thin skin of the eyes.

Low cost solutions (from your make up bag)

1.Using your own make up could be a low cost solution as you wouldn’t have to spend on buying new products

2. Replacing your creamy eye shadows with powder based eye shadows

3. Using concealer on your eyelid and then applying your eye shadow

The above solutions I would say that are more traditional and would definitely not cost you much. However if you are really looking for a product that would solve this for ever get your pen and paper and take notes.

1. Inglot Eye make up base

Using an eye make up base will definitely prevent your eyeshadow to crease and I have to say that the make up base from Inglot it is a very good one to use. I have used it and I was very pleased with it.

2. Lemon aid – Benefit

Benefit has a very beautiful eye base primer which I would highly recommend as it prepares the skin for your eye shadow.

When you use them please let me know how you got on.

Don’t forget I am always here to answer your questions.

till the next post


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