My new INGLOT obsession

By following my blog you are all probably aware of my obsession with MAC and Crown Brushes I always talk about their products and I am extremely happy to recommend them as I have never been disappointed by their quality. Now one more brand can be added to this obsession of mine, INGLOT.

I have been reading about INGLOT cosmetics and they have been recommended to me by other make up artists but didn’t have the chance to actually use them my self.

This time came last week when my really good friends surprised me by buying for me a beautiful shade of red/orange lipstick, from the INGLOT stand in the Jervis shopping center in Dublin. For your closest INGLOT store please click here to find it.

My INGLOT lipstick – 103

I have never been a big fan of lipsticks myself as I much prefer lip gloss but I have to say after using this lipstick I wear it almost every day. It’s texture is very soft and creamy, it applies very smoothly on your lips and it lasts!

I like it to wear it with a very soft and light foundation even just powder if your face is clear enough, golden bronze eye shadow on the eye lid and black eyeliner. For blush I used a very subtle matte brown shade, 2 layers of black mascara and a bit of white pencil to give a bit of light in my look.  Easy and quick.

My look

Compering my INGLOT lipstick, with my Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 72, which I absolutely adore as well, I found INGLOT to be easier to wear on a daily basis.

With my Chanel lipstick, I have to use a primer and a lip liner and as I find that due to its liquid texture I have to be very aware of my lip gloss traveling in the little crises that are formed around my lips, especially when you are over 25 😉

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