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Last week I was very happy to attend the Style Network Event which took place at the Barberstown Castle in co Kildare, organised by Jullie Cobbe and Clara Halpin.

When signing up for the event I was not very sure of what to expect and if this networking event would be beneficial for me, Rowena Doyle form Visual Sense insisted that I shouldn’t miss it and so I trusted her. After all she was right!

Doing a bit of research prior to attending I found out that the speakers of the event were stylist Sonya Lennon , fashion designer Heidi Higgins, Aoife Horgan from The PR Boutique and Denise Brady from Teamworx Recruitment agency. Immediately I thought that this was going to be an interesting morning and was very excited to listen to what these ladies had to say.

Starting from the left, Julie Cobbe, Heidi Higgins, Denise Bradry, Aoife Horgan, Sonya Lennon, Carla Halpin

The talks started with the very passionate and inspiring Sonya Lennon who talked about the Dress for Success project which she is currently running. The project is focusing on helping women to get back to work by taking away the worry of dressing for an interview. Dress for Success is there to support these women by dressing them,  helping them adapt to a business dress style, giving them style tips and lastly and most importantly making them feel more confident.

Sonya Lennon

Having the pleasure to listen to a very true Heidi Higgins , sharing her story on how she started in the fashion industry and naming the challenges faced at the early stages, but also the rewarding and exciting moments when she felt that all her hard work was being acknowledged.

Heidi Higgins sharing her story with us

Aoife Horgan from The PR Boutique and Denise Brady from Teamworx Recruitment agency  shared a similar story making everyone in the audience as well as myself feel very positive and even more inspired.

Starting from the left, Rowena Doyle from Visual Sense, Denise Brady from Teamworx, Valerie O'Reily from Unicorn PR , Laura Bergin from Clery's Kassiani Cheirogeorgou from Lilac Marketing

I have to say that all the talks were very inspirational and motivating especially to my ears…      I have been thinking for the past months now to start my own business and especially during these difficult times this could seem as a crazy thing to do. Meeting and networking with everyone at the event, in a way switched me on and made me think that things can be done as long as you really want them to. …

By the end of it I was even more sure that my decision was the right one and I was even more confident that I should pursue my dreams even harder.

It was a pleasure attending the event and I would like to thank Julie and Clara once more for putting it together.

I would like to close this post with something to think about…

Bag hanger from Bagsitt

A great thanks to Jennie O’Rourke  for taking these beautiful photographs

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