In my make up bag

I have always been asked by friends about the products that I like using, so today I am letting you have a small sneak peak  🙂

eye shadows and blusher

I have a great variety of eye shadows, blushers and of course lipsticks!!

My eye – shadows usually vary from MAC, Crown Brushes, Bourjouis, Body Shop and Lancome. I usually tend to have my basic colours, such as pastel beige and natural tones and of course my different shades of brown for a natural day look. I love a clean and natural look and I always go for a pastel pink or a pastel beige with a combination of matte brown eye shadow in the mornings. Matte eye shadows are easy to use and they are back! We don’t need too much shine and bling when we are working hard!

For night time we are aloud to go all wild and when I feel like it I tend to do that, it’s my time to shine! 😉

When it comes down to my blushers I am a fan of Crown brushes and BOBBI BROWN!

My beautiful blushers

I have a quite fair skin, (all my friends will care to prove it, I don’t tan easily, and I always have to be careful with sun) this is why I tend to go for blusher that last and add some colour to cute little face.

These blushers do tend to last, especially when working long days and reapplying your make up is luxury!  Although I always suggest re- applying our make up but some time it is very difficult to do so. I have been through difficult days as such, when having lunch is a luxury not thinking about your blusher! anyways…

I tend to go for pink shades such as the famous healthy pink, (this name does not exist on a blusher at least I haven’t come across it, if you have please let me know) I just call it like that because whenever I wear it I have that healthy glow of a 5 years old! Healthy pink is the second blusher on the left on the top row. I love it.

In my hand bag I usually carry my concealer and by blusher, and especially during summer time I love wearing my favourite BOBBI BROWN blusher: pale pink.

in my hand bag

My lipsticks vary, from MAC, Bourjouis, Max factor, Maybiline, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and I love subtle colours and reds

my lipsticks

I hope that helped you a bit.

You don’t need quantity you just need variety!

always here to answer your questions!

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