The perfect shade… of you

What is our perfect shade and how do we get to choose it?
Your perfect shade?

Choosing your perfect shade is something very important when wanting to have a flawless and fresh looking make up.

The usual way that women get to choose their foundation is by applying it on their hand until they find the right match.
This is a very common way but will not give you the perfect match!
The only thing you can check by applying it on your hand is the texture of the foundation and not the shade, how rich or light is. Your hands and especially the top of your hands have a very different shade than your face. Usually our hands are little darker than our face.

The best place to choose our foundation is our face! Yes our face as simple as it sounds! I am not asking you to reapply your foundation when shopping but what you can do is test your foundation at you chin area or just behind your chin.

Testing your foundation in that area will give you the closest shade match and will also give you a good comparison to your neck’s shade.

I am making it sound like science, but detail in make up is the what makes perfect.
I have seen so many girls having applied their foundation very badly having a two colour effect from the neck area to the face. This is something that we need to avoid, and the solution is to not apply foundation till your decolletage!

So my ladies, a recap,  we choose our foundation by applying a little quantity at the chin area and compering, checking that it is the same shad as our neck.

You know that I am always here to answer your questions!

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