Should I or Should I not ….?

Brushes.. brushes…. brushes… and some more brushes….
I am sure that every time you have visited a beauty store you have been surprised by the amount of brushes these make up artists have hanging around their waist!! You have probably wondered what do they really need them all!!!??
Why so many brushes when you have your fingers to apply make up??… and
why invest in so many brushes when you get some free when you buy your bronzer or your eye shadow??!!
Today I am planning to answer to all these questions and save you some money…. because these brushes can cost! After all, you don’t really need them all!

Foundation brush
The foundation brush!

There are two types of foundations brushes and you can see them below:


I personally am a big fun of the second one (round) I find it a lot better and easier to use.

Now, why use a foundation brush and not your fingers?

The secret in using a foundation brush is that you tend to use less product, which has three  benefits:

  • Your foundation lasts for longer
  • You don’t end up looking like you have applied a lot of foundation
  • You succeed a more natural and clear look.

You can also use this brush to correct and smooth out your bronzer or blusher if you have applied more than you had too.

This brush is like your magic wand! You can fix your imperfections and you will get so used to it when you start to use it that you would start wondering how you dealt with out it all this time!

The magic number for eye shadow brushes for a non professional is the number 3, if you are a professional… the more the merrier
1. You need a brush as your blending brush and also for applying your base colour.
This brush is a little bigger as it needs to cover a bigger area of the eye cup and work as a blending brush at the end giving you that smokey and edgeless look.
 2. You will also need your angle brush – this brush will help you master the smokey look as well as help you be more precise in whatever look you wish to have.
3. Last but not least you will need a very fine brush for lines. You can use it instead of an eye liner and you will find it to be more accurate and easy to use.
I advise you not to use your fingers nor the small brushes that come free with your make up, as they don’t give you good control and you end up using more products than you have to.
Blusher brush
The blusher brush is something that every woman should own. Try and have two, one to keep in your make up bag at home and a small one that you can always carry around to re apply your blusher… it is the first that comes off…
Best of luck my ladies and remember to have fun when applying your make up!
My brushes vary from Mac, Kryolan, The Body Shop and Crown Brushes.
If you want more details on how to use them feel free to ask.

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