Dark circles under the eyes – The solution

Working on my lap top a lot, getting a bit older and living in a less sunny country for the past year, I realised that I was losing faith at my favourite concealer which I would religiously apply every morning before leaving the house. I could see my dark circle being more obvious!

My concealer was not any more responding to my needs for a fresher look! I couldn’t just abandon it as this shade (MAC NC20) has been with me for a long time… I just researched and found another way to make it work as good as before!

Using a simple highlighter, that most of us would have for the chick bones area, gives a great effect even for dark circles under the eyes. It cannot be used on its own as it is not as covering but combining it with your concealer it can do wonders!

Apply a little quantity of the highlighter under your eyes and on your eye lids and then apply your shade of concealer as usual.
You will find that you will have a fresher look with less creases during the day, as the highlighter is very light and you end up using less of your concealer.

Please note: If you have very dark blue circles then this will not be as covering for you. What you will need to use is an orange concealer which will even the colour prior to applying your usual concealer.

I hope this helped!
Always happy to answer your question!

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