Street make up in Dublin Ireland

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After having spend 9 months in Dublin, I have realised major difference not only in the street fashion but also in the every day make-up that women here usually do as well as evening make-up. Unusual to what I had been used to see in Greece but very unique and very beautiful.

Living in Ireland for the past 9 months has influenced my make up techniques and has made me not to “play safe” in my colours and think out of the box. I have been blending my colours more, giving me a great result and I have been using different techniques that I picked up by observing.

I love the way women here put all the emphasis in their eyes and their look, and always have their eyebrows very defined. You wouldn’t easily see that in Greece and the reason is that:
– The majority of Greek women have very defined and strong eyebrows and very rarely need to emphasize them.
– Irish women are a lot more fair and there is a need to emphasize them in order to complete their make up.

I have adopted that to my techniques as my skin is very fair and the results are amazing!

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