Backstage – Summer fashion show – Greece

Backstage photos at the summer fashion show in Volos Greece

When good friends ask me for my help, I am always there to give them a helping hand… and when my really good friend and fashion designer

Rene Karadimou  asked me to do the make up for her summer fashion show in Volos sea front in Greece I couldn’t r say no….

Here are some of the backstage photos in that fashion show that took place the summer of 2009. Enjoy….

Backstage at the University of Volos – seafront

The make up and all the collection was inspired by ancient Greece

Backstage with model Ntia

My good friend Nikos Paliopoulos was recording all the back stage action with his camera – thank you Niko!

My models
Back stage – doing the make up while having their hair done
Backstage with model Anna

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