Hamburg travel guide

TWO DAYS in Hamburg – Travel Guide

Last month I got to tick off my list one of the cities that I always wanted to visit but somehow never got around to doing so. Through the “Come to Hamburg” project I got the chance to visit Hamburg for two days and explore it so I can report back to you. There are […]

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Ireland travels – Discover Donegal

Letterkenny It is this time of the year again, summer is a few months away and your feet get itchy as the summer holidays are still a while away. So the way to feel a little bit better and make the time run a little bit faster is to plan a weekend away. {Letterkenny Ireland} […]

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Italian Riviera Memoirs – Portofino

It feels so soothing getting to spend a few hours on this so loved space of mine – and I am not talking about the Italian Riviera now, but about this so beloved blog space which lately seems to be so difficult to log on to! Life can be so inspiring but so busy at […]

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Throw back Monday – Zyrich

A few weeks ago I got to spend a few hours in Zyrich. The weather was so cold, it was snowing and the river was very close to frozen. I just thought that this would be a nice way to kiss away the Winter and welcome the warm Spring weather that I am really looking […]

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Fly away

Some times you just have to fly away and follow what your heart desires.. This is what I do….. This how I feel…. Like this:Like Loading…

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