Taxi New York

New York Travel guide – Christmas in New York

New York city is one of my favourite cities in the world and every time I visit this place I always discover something new, something to fascinate me, something to make me want to go back. It combines exactly what I love, the Northern European vibe, mixed with the American flavour, stirred by the tons […]

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Just Kassi Speaking at IBA

Speaking at the Irish Blogger Association birthday

It has been a year since theΒ first ever Irish Blogger Conference by the Irish Blogger Association #IBA and I amΒ thrilled to be part of this community from the start and see it grow everyday. It was November 2014 when I decided to attend the conference and stop hiding behind my laptop and get to meet […]

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JustKassi launch

JustKassi Launch Party

Ok guys it’s official! As off today this blog is now called JustKassi!! How exciting is that! After almost a year of sitting on this idea, and after 5 months of having the domain name purchased I finally get to change it over to a name that is more true to what this blog has […]

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