Finding the ONE

Finding “The ONE”

From the moment we start to be more aware of ourselves and when the crazy university years have passed we subconsciously start to look for “The One”. Sometimes it takes a few tries and a couple of broken hearts but when you find him, you know it.  It doesn’t always happen when you want it […]

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Start to love a little…

Happy Friday all! Some people say that January is one of the toughest months, it is meant to be depressing, cold, boring and overall we all live with the memories of Christmas which seem like a century ago. The truth is that a few years ago January felt blue for me too. Slightly depressed, and […]

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my birthday wish title

My Birthday wish…

If only we understood how precious time was, our lives would be different. We would be happier, worry less, and probably feel more free. The more I grow older I dare to say that I grow wiser. More experienced, stronger and ready to be myself, this birthday found me amongst good friends, my other half […]

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How to fight jet lag – 4 easy tips

As much as I love to travel, I don’t get the opportunity to travel across time zones very often. This Christmas though, I found myself boarding on three different planes and travelling across many time zones to reach the furthest ever destination in my life! I made it to Singapore and to the exotic Indonesia. […]

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Hello 2017, Let’s make this work!

I am the kind of person that always gets a little bit emotional when the clock strikes midnight every New Year’s Eve. This year was no different. The feelings are always mixed, saying goodbye to the year that has just offered you unforgettable experiences and at the same time welcoming a new year giving you […]

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