My happy place

0630_Solea©cng2010 happy place

When I was asked by to take part in the #Mindyourself campaign and write about my happy place, I didn’t believe that it would take me long to think about it. But I am so consumed by everyday life that when asked something as simple as that, it does take a while to think. […]

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Christmas nails

SOSU Rudolfs mistress Just Kassi

Is it just me or has it started to feel like Christmas? The Christmas lights on Grafton street were lit on Sunday and the weather has turned colder.  The shop windows are nicely decorated for the season and Christmas jumpers have started to make their appearance. All signs that we are getting closer to the Christmas period  that […]

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A weekend in Edinburgh

Kassi travels Scotland

Living in a North European country for five years now, I would book the first cheapest flight to a sunny destination, in the first available opportunity, such as a long bank holiday weekend. Cold cloudy weather would never be an option for me. I had that already in Dublin. However,  this time, it was different,  I […]

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My fashion chats at the Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical

Most women, including myself, feel more at ease at places where we know we are being looked after and pampered. When comfort, trust and a great result are secured then the chats start. What a better place to start chatting about different topics, than a colorful nail bar where the hostess is so bubbly and […]

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