Sit back and enjoy the sunshine!

Friday night and after a long busy week I come to realise that it was only a few days ago that I was in magical Portugal, enjoying the sun and amazing food getting away from life back in Dublin. These working days just get you some times and make these magic summer moments seem like a century has passed. No not me, I won’t allow it, that’s why I snap away creating these lovely memories; for me to remember and for whoever of you that has not been there to quickly arrange an escape! So let’s all sit back and enjoy the sunshine !Albuferira beach beach the end Portugal

gale beach albufeira Gale beach

{Gale Beach – Albufeira}makeup artistas summer Beach

{Shades – Rayban}summer beach foot steps Makeupartistas summer albufeira

 Just Kassi xx


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The statement necklace vol.I by DIMIOURGO

They have been around for the past few months, and I am sure that all of us have absolutely loved them and wore them. Especially now that the weather is getting better and their colours are getting brighter, the statement necklaces have become an important part of our wardrobe dressing up an everyday outfit transforming […]

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My 2 year-old mark in the world wide web

…my two year old mark on the world wide web; two small sea shell trying to earn their space in the sand…. This time, 2 years ago was born! My little beauty and make up project has just turned 2 and I am a very proud mum as my cute little idea, that began […]

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