Not your standard jean

My previous post about DIY tie dyed jeans, made me think what is really out there, and what are designer suggesting and creating for Spring 2013.
A good search showed the below results which I think are really cool and give a different style to our everyday style.
Maybe this is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you are not daring enough, you can always experiment with the darker / grey shades that I am suggesting below.
It looks that tie dyed, balayage style, or coloured jeans is the new trend for this spring coming up!
Can’t wait to try those bright colours!
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D.I.Y. jeans

I am sure that you have all gone through your wardrobe thinking what to wear, and convincing yourself that you have nothing to wear, and that you are fed up of wearing the same things all the time. Even your favourite clothes are not that favourite anymore because you have worn them so much! The same […]

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Nails – all time clasic

I know that the huge trend at the moment are funky, glittery, dark nails with lots of accessories on them, but as I have just mention this is only a trend, which we probably all have followed, I’m a huge victim myself! Although when it comes to an all-time favourite and all-time classic look no one, and […]

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Dark eyebrows and light hair

Eyebrows, one of the most important feature of our face. If you imagine that your face is a painting then your eyebrows would be the frame, and as it applies you would have to find the suitable frame for each painting to enhance it. You would probably never combine a renaissance painting with a harsh […]

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7 shades of red

Some of you may have secretly or not secretly read, this very popular novel by the name of “50 shades of grey”. I have to admit that I am one of those that tried to read it but reached page 58 and was already fed up with it! The only good think that came out of this book […]

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