Miami calling

{my meals}

And yes we made it to sunny Miami!
We had to fly for almost 10 hours, wait in airports for another 5 but after 4 beautiful aeroplane meals and one snack we made to sunny and tropical Miami; a place where winter does not have a home! And that is exactly what we need after a long and cold winter in Ireland.
Still a bit jet lagged, waking up at 5,30 in the morning felt so normal!

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The elevator shot

You can’t deny it you have all done the famous elevator shot! This is me this morning wrapped up warn heading to town to change my beautiful euros to dollars cause I am off to the States tomorrow to spend the holidays. I have to say dollars look like monopoly money! Xx Like this:Like Loading…

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My Secret Santa

Has your Secret Santa found you this year? Mine found me last week and he/she was spot on! I was so lucky and I got one of the most popular MAC products ever the very famous RUBY WOO lipstick! I guess this  excellent choice points out that my secret Santa was a girl! Thank you […]

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Tap tap to a bit of Irish dance – volume 2

Irish dance volume 2 (or shall I say Sean Nos) Dance and make up are two of my favourite things, all my friends know that, so why keep it a secret – especially when these two are combined you definitely can’t go wrong! This time I didn’t do the dancing, but Mary- Beth Taylor did, all […]

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Help needed!

Help needed! I am on the lookout for fun, creative, trendy fashion photographers. Blogging can be really cool, exciting, engaging and as everything else very time consuming. I would therefore like some help from anyone who has good skills in fashion and beauty photography and would like to join me for one, or more than […]

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Story of my life


{Zara shoes} Ok these may not be brand new but I have only managed to wear them once! So I guess this makes them still new! It was a month ago I believe where I was walking passed Zara on my lunch break and decided to walk in and browse with absolutely no intention of […]

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