Bridal Hair explained – featuring Davey-Davey Hair Salon


Recently we spoke about how to organise a wedding (see the full blog post here) but what we didn’t speak about is your appearance. If you are a bride to be then you have felt the stress of little things like how your hair will look. The truth is, that when you are preparing for your wedding, these are not little things, these are the important things, as all eyes will be on you that day and people will be commenting on your looks.

Davey Davey hair

{Meli working on my bridal looks}

To answer all your questions about bridal hair, I teamed up with the very well known hair salon Davey – Davey and Meli Kuljancic where we talked about hair styles, treatments and colouring before your big day. I also got to try three different bridal looks so you can get inspired for your wedding day (watch the video here and below).

Kassi and Mel Davey Davey

{with Meli}

I also managed to get answers to most of your questions and I hope that I have you covered.

How long before the wedding should I start research for a hair stylist?

“If you don’t have a regular hairdresser and need to find someone you like and are comfortable with, it’s 18-24 months before hand.”

What will be the average cost of a hair stylist for bridal hair?

“The cost for just the bride’s hair plus travel, not including a trial can be about €200 and on approximately €50 for every extra person. Prices do vary depending on amount of people and distance to travel”

How long before the wedding should I have a hair trial and how does a hair trial work?

“It would be good to have a trial 6 weeks before your wedding when you have all the details such as your veil and or hair clips and pieces.”

How should I treat my hair coming up to the wedding?

“You should treat your hair regularly with hair masks and make sure to trim it regularly.”

How long before the wedding should I have a hair cut?

“At least 6 weeks beforehand, make sure to allow enough time before your wedding day before you trim your hair, and don’t go for a big cut that you will regret.”

How long before the wedding should I colour my hair?

2It is safe to go for 7 to 10 days before the day and make sure that you are going for the same colour. If you want to change the colour of your hair then you should have tried it months in advance.”

What would you advise me to do so my hair can look healthy and shiny on the day?

“Good home care, glosses and treatments in between colours, good trims and having a good hairdresser you trust to advise you and keep you on the right track to getting to your dream wedding hair.”

Meli also worked on three bridal hairstyles that would shoot any bride. See the looks and get inspired below and on the video.

Bridal Hair

Elegant Chic Bride

justkassi hair Davey Davey

davey davey bridal hair


Boho Chic Bride

Boho bride look

Just kassi boho bridal hair

Davey davey just kassi bridal hair

Sophisticated Up style 

just kassi up style

up style bridal hair

up style hair by Davey Davey

up style hair just kassi

sophisticated look

sophisticated upstyle look



Photography Videography: Katya Koliban

Hair by Meli Kuljancic

Writing / Editing: Kassiani Cheirogeorgou

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